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 Samples from our 360 Virtual Tour

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(Residential Property)
The XXXIX  by Sansiri
The XXXIX by Sansiri is an Iconic Condominium Building, located within 10 minutes walk to BTS Phrom Phong, Emquartier Shopping mall, Emporium Shopping mall, Benjasiri Park, Villa Supermarket and numerous of nice Restaurants and Bars.
Room Details: 
1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom
Size 55 Sqm 
For Rent at 65,000 THB/ Month
VR360 Features: 
- Floorplan Button Available
- Share Button for Facebook & Twitter
- Gyroscope, Enter VR Mode, Full Screen Button Enabled
- No Expiry Virtual Tour Link
- Google Analytics Tracking
- and still many other hidden features and functions available inside this Virtual Tour 
Call us for Creating Your Virtual 360 Demo
Virtual Retail - What Hifi Center
(Industrial Estate)
Luchou Machinery 
Taipei, Taiwan
Luchou Machinery is located in Linkou District, Xinbei City. It started operation in 68 years and was officially registered as "Luhou Machinery Co., Ltd." in 1984. The company was originally established in Lubei District of Xinbei City. In 1994, it moved to Gongkuilu Road, Xinkang City. , A professional auto parts manufacturer, has the ability to provide world-class manufacturing power and technology to customers worldwide.
VR360 Features:
- Using Actual Place VR360 Images 
- Enabled Access to 'VR Editor & VR Maker' App for Self Editting Virtual Tour - You could easily utilize your creativity via editing your personal Virtual Tour by yourself.
- Custom Branding
- Chinese Traditional & Simplified Format Compatible (Totally 8 Support Languages)
- Can Showcase Youtube Ad VDO From Inside the VR Gallery
- In-House Intelligent Analytics Tracking
- VR Mode Compatible
- and Many Other Hidden Features Available on Your Demand 
Large size property doesnt always have to be expensive for full service shoot in VR360, please contact us to be surprised how much it really cost !
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